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Mobile App Marketing

There are thousands of mobile phone applications across Android and iOS platforms that are contending for the top spot. This means, you are likely to face severe competition if you want to make your application visible in the top search results and earn some profits out of it. Your mobile application may be one of the most innovative and interesting apps around, but what is the use if it doesn’t even get discovered by the target audience? The key is to adopt an efficient and well-planned marketing strategy that helps your application break through the competition and get the success it deserves.

Our Approach to Mobile Application Development

At SEO Media Labs, we have proven track record in both Internet marketing and Application Development and hold reputation for professionalism, on-time delivery and technical excellence. We are aware that without an efficient marketing strategy, an application is just like a drop in the ocean, and the users will never be able to find it. With our focused approach to mobile application marketing, we ensure that your application can be easily found by the users and that you receive the maximum ROI.

Our mobile application marketing strategy consists of following activities:

  • Pay-per-click advertising:

    By using third-party Pay Per Click, we promote your application on Greystripe, Ad Mob and other applications that are relevant to yours.

  • iTunes, Ovi and RIM:

    As per your application’s platform, we create compelling ads for different channels such as Ovi, RIM and iTunes .

  • SEO and relevant content:

    To get your application ranked higher in search results, we optimize your application’s website with well-written content. We also take care of all the important SEO details.

  • Promotion through online communities:

    We participate in forums, groups, communities and blogs on your behalf and spread the word about your application to the interested users.

Whether your application is for Android or iPhone, our team of mobile application marketing experts will assist you at every step, from the submission to creating a launch pad for marketing. We will plan and organize all the marketing activities to get your app noticed in the market, and keep exploring various techniques to boost your revenue from the application.

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