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Pay Per Click Packages


Price Per Month $300 $500 $400
Business Objective
Understanding & Consultation
Keyword Research & Bid Management Up to 100 Keywords Up to 500 Keywords Up to 250 Keywords
Negative Keyword Research to Filter Unwanted Traffic
Keyword Match Typing
& Optimization for Different Match Types
Competitor Research
Competitor Research & Competitor Benchmarking
Ad Copies
Initial Ad Copy Research, Copy writing Ads & Ad Copy Setup in the PPC Account
Split A/B Testing of Ad Copies
Conversion Tracking
Conversion Tracking Set Up
Integration of Conversion Tracking Scripts on the Website 3
Google Analytics Tracking
Google Analytics Profile Setup
Google Analytics
Goals Setup
Google Analytics- Advanced Filters Setup
Google Analytics- Funnels Setup
UIntegration of Google Analytics Script on the websites 3
Landing Page
Landing Page Analysis & Consultation 1
Static HTML Landing Page Design & HTML Development with Form Completing the RFI (Request for Information) form will send an email to “Your In box” and lead the prospect to a “Thank You” page. 1
Landing Page Content Creation 1
Banner Ads Design 2 5
PPC Campaign Progress Report Fortnightly Fortnightly Fortnightly
Customer Support
Email Support
Chat Support
Conference Calls Fortnightly Weekly Fortnightly


1. Landing Page Consultation: Suggestions on existing landing pages. If required we are to create landing page then it will attract seperate charges @ $20.00 per man hour.
2. Banner ads design – Upto 2 modicfications only.
3. Google analytics/adwords script implementation:
* Google analytics/adwords conversion script will be implemented in web site and it will attract seperate charges @ $20.00 per man hour.
** Google analytics/adwords script will be implemented in web site subject to the technology used for the development for the web site.

PS: Any additional development work will attract separate charges @ $20 per man hour.