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At CIA, we understand applications

Working as a division of SEO MEDIA LABS, our team consists of 50 highly adept, well trained technology experts who know the needs of the modern client. Regardless of whether you are an individual or business, we can create the perfect app for you. We work in close conjunction with you to ensure that we deliver an end product that will get to work for you. Using the Agile approach to development, our developers engage in quick problem solving and collaboration even when you have many concepts to implement.


Our application architects utilize the latest software tools to build top-of-the-line apps that will be in the best interest of your venture. We employ a team of the finest engineers and designers to create an array of apps for our customers including personal finance, teaching/learning, dating, guides, medical and fitness apps both on android and iOS platforms. From the simplest to the most complex, we are experts in developing all kinds iPhone and android applications. Our work doesn’t stop there. Once we have created the perfect app for you, we have the infrastructure in place to market and promote it as well.


Why You Should Choose Us For Your Application Development


  • On Time Delivery
  • Applications Tailored To Your Needs
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Complete Pre and After Delivery Support
  • Industry Best Professionals



Our Portfolio


  • PhotoLock – Hide your photos and videos with a secret vault

    Ever left your phone unattended and unlocked only to find your family or friends flicking through it? Well this app is for you! PhotoLock easily allows you to protect those photos and videos that you don’t want other people to see using a secure pin pad.

    PhotoLock is simple to use and has all the features you want including:

    • Take secret photos directly from the app. You’ll never have to use any other camera
      app ever again.
    • Import and export photos and videos from the native iPhone photo library.
    • Create unlimited photo and video galleries.
    • Share pictures via email.
    • Edit pictures on the run
    • Fake pin


    Don’t take the risk with your secret photos and videos.

    Get PhotoLock today and control your iPhone photo and video access forever!!

  • Scary Scream Sounds

    Scary Scream Sounds – Scare Box FREE is a unique sound effect app that places in your hand, the means to turn any situation into one of complete fright and/or hilarious entertainment. In real life and in this app, no two screams are alike.


    This app lets you choose from a variety of screams—plenty to initiate a reaction in just about any situation. Want a funny “I just saw a rat under the kitchen table” scream? This app has it. Need an over-the-top “Pop Quiz” scream? It’s got that one too. (That’s a popular one with students.) Don’t forget the hair-raising scream of a chick in a horror film. TheScream app has all them all!


  • First Aid (Hospitals)

    First Aid is a quick reference hospital locator.


    First Aid will, using your current location, get all the hospitals within your preset
    radius and provide you with the ability to;


    • Get directions
    • Call the hospital
    • View their website
    • 6000 U.S hospitals listed.


    You can set the search radius from 0 miles to 50 miles.


    There is an Emergency Dial 911 feature
    Link: not available. Just add the images you already have.


  • Forensic Identification Assistant

    “This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true finger print locating technology functionality.”


    THE most amazing piece of finger print locating technology even created (or so it will seem)


    Your spectator selects a card, signs it (signing optional) and returns it to the deck. The cards are cut in to 4-5 piles and the piles are mixed by your spectator.The FIA app is launched and your spectators fingerprint is logged in. The app now scans every pile and not only identifies which pile contains the selected card but also at what position in that pile it is located!


    Ok so how does this miracle actually happen??


    You can set the search radius from 0 miles to 50 miles.


    Well as you can guess the app does not find the card but the clever design and programming allows it to appear that way.


  • ComfortHospiceCare

    Hospice is a special kind of care for those with a life-challenging illness. This care is designed to provide pain management and support to the patients, their families and caregivers when hospital or medical tests are no longer appropriate or desired.With Comfort Hospice Care, the patient and family experience dignity and peace.


    This application provides information for –


    • When it may be time to seek hospice services
    • Hospice criteria
    • Ask an expert
    • Refer a patient
    • See our calendar of events
    • FAQs
    • Contact information



  • Baby Piano Music Magic: Learn Numbers, Colors : Bilingual – Multiple languagese

    Give Your Baby a head start learning numbers, colors and sing along.


    This application provides information for –


    • Teaches Music
    • Teaches Colors
    • Teaches Numbers
    • Several Children’s songs
    • Bilingual Mode also teaches
    • Teaches Spanish
    • Teaches Chinese
    • Teaches French
    • Teaches Hindi
    • Teaches German
    • Teaches Japanese
    • Teaches Russian



  • Carver Kickflip – Skateboard Pro

    Everyone knows the streets are the best place to skate, show your skating skills as you rock the street jumping over every obstacle that comes into you path.


    Don’t forget to get all of Carver Kickflips friends to join you along the way and see who can skate the farthest. But be warned as you go faster and faster you will need all your skill to keep from crashing.


    • Teaches Music
    • Teaches Colors
    • Teaches Numbers
    • Several Children’s songs
    • Bilingual Mode also teaches
    • Teaches Spanish
    • Teaches Chinese
    • Teaches French
    • Teaches Hindi
    • Teaches German
    • Teaches Japanese
    • Teaches Russian


  • ACR Accident Assistant

    Get your claim moving as soon as you’ve had an accident with our step by step guide to submit your claim.


  • Hangman HD Free

    The ultimate free hangman. Thousands of words in several categories. Words arranged by grade level.


    • Also includes Vocab words for test prep : SAT,GRE,GMAT,LSAT,TOEFL,IELTS
    • Choose from different music or mute
    • Fun endless gameplay
    • Play with friends


  • Browell Smith and Co Accident Submission

    The Browell Smith & Co app is the perfect app to have on your iPhone in case you have an accident, or you witness an accident happen.


    We will guide you through a simple process of recording the accident information including your own, 3rd party and witness details.


    Within the app you can take a photo of the accident and the GPS within the iPhone will record the exact location of where the accident happened.


    You can then submit the details to Browell Smith & Co who will contact you within 4 business hours to discuss your claim.